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The pleasures of a middle-aged man

I've always enjoyed playing with different kind of devices. Computers, cameras, oscilloscopes, synthesizers, even with the more mechanical sorts like small 2-stroke engines. But the latest acquisition in our household to give me the warm and fuzzy feeling is: a vacuum cleaner.

Yes, a vacuum cleaner. Why? Because it's so quiet!

We had contemplated buying a new vacuum cleaner for over an year. The main criteria was the noise -or the lack of- which it generates. And finally we stopped contemplating and just bought the damn thing. The model in question is Electrolux EUS87SB; the model seems to be quite specific to the scandinavian region, as I'm unable to find any english language website(s) for it.

Even the price tag of 299 euros doesn't prevent me from smiling every time I (sort of) hear the vacuum.



Thumbs up to Tikkasec

Few days ago I was pleasantly surprised as I got a call from Tikkasec Oy reminding me, that the myGDPR service subscription (by would renew automatically if it wasn't explicitly discontinued 30 days before the new service period. We at Kaaos Unlimited Oy subscribed to the service as it was included in the GDPR-workshop and training provided by Tikkasec in the first months of 2018. But times have changed and we no longer need it.

Personally I think that including an 'subscription renews automatically every year UNLESS you remember to discontinue it a month beforehand' -clause in service agreement(s) is a dick move. Therefore a big hand to Tikkasec who took a note of this and proactively reminded us.

#gdpr #tikkasec #kaaosunlimited
Tietosuojan ja tietoturvan kehittämispalvelut

Made it to Malaga last night. After a good(?) night of sleep, it's time to scout out some breakfast at 12 o'clock.

First vacation in almost 5 years starts now. Trying to be idle for the next 7 days in Malaga.

A 5 min power outage fried an UPS and caused filesystem issues on one of our glusterfs-nodes.


The amount of 'things enabled by default' after installing httpd24-httpd and rh-php71 makes me uneasy, just because I don't know enough.

I have played with an idea to encapsulate Friendica installation to a LXC/LXD -container. Will have to wait and see...

1 2 3, is this thing on?